Monitor your child's shuttle.

Get notified when your child has been picked up from home, dropped off at school, and when picked from school and dropped off at home by the shuttle.

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Get Started

Download the application from any app store, register your child as a learner in the application once you register, then search for by phone number and assign a driver to your child.

If your child's current shuttle driver is not appearing on the list, you may invite them to install the driver version on the application, complete their profile by name, gender, and current home address, and also register their van details.

For Parents, Learners
& Drivers

With the daily growing concerns of parents towards their children on shuttles, how comfortable, safe, and punctual are they while on the move? As shuttle drivers worry about the maladministration of the business, poor communication with the parents, and hectic management of the children in their care.

Know when your child has been picked up from home and when they reach school off the shuttle, in the same way, get to know when your child gets picked up from school and when they reach home.

Manage learners assigned to you, schedule your trips organized by which learner is to be picked up first, get notified if the learner is unavailable for pick up the next day, and access guardian contact via the application.

Just to enjoy a better drive experience on the shuttles since both guardian and driver are in "constant" communication.








Completed Trips



All the best features


Verify accounts by either phone number or email.


Get instant notifications on your phone.

In App Calling

No need to save a driver or guardian's contact.


Periodically given updates to keep up to date.

Easy to use

Friendly user interface that's easy to understand

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